The Prespa Agreement is the focus of all Greek media outlets

The Prespa Agreement and its ratification in the Greek parliament is the focus of all Sunday editions of Greek newspapers.

Real News publishes an interview with Vice Prime Minister Bujar Osmani titled “Greece is the Main Guarantor for our Euro-Atlantic Ambitions”.

Avgi, considered a left-oriented newspaper, features an interview with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who says the agreement is a historic step for both countries and calls its ratification a patriotic duty.

Ethnos and To Vima are analyzing latest developments in Greek politics ahead of the Prespa Agreement ratification in articles titled “Prespa Secrets” and “In the Prespa Trap”.

Protho Thema has published public opinion poll results that present 66% of citizens against the Prespa Agreement, and 67.4% in favor of elections no later than May.

As the Greek government announced, it has launched its campaign to inform the public about the Prespa Agreement and sent it to all media outlets, some of which have published the entire contents of the deal.