The Netherlands ratifies North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol

The Dutch Senate ratified Tuesday the NATO Accession Protocol for North Macedonia, wrote Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov on Facebook.

After the approval of the Netherlands, only two countries, France and Spain, remain to ratify the document, which will allow the country to become the 30th member of NATO.

Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska said earlier that France was expected to ratify the document by the end of November or by the London NATO Summit in early December.

Spain will remain the last country to ratify the accession protocol, she stated, adding that more exact projections could be made after the formation of a new government there.

Spain’s Parliament could hold its first session in early December, according to the defense minister.

“We are following developments very closely, sending a message that our NATO membership as soon as possible is very important to us and to the region, as well,” said Shekerinska.