The Muppet Show in Butel

Erol Rizaov

We will show you how the Euro-Atlantic processes and integration need to be conducted, shouted out VMRO-DPMNE’s presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, on her own tour show that started with ”Your fatherland is calling you”, and since few days ago with a new campaign name “Get to know your fatherland in order to love it more”. The approval of this ingenious idea was immediately met with dead silence. Such are the customs in Butel. Everything is silently accepted.
Mickoski and Siljanovska changed the name and identity of the presidential campaign. There is no longer a need to save Macedonia and the name, the national identity and the Macedonian language and citizenship. That is, as they say, a done deal. Macedonia remains for domestic use, and North is for outside the house threshold and privacy, it is the new reality with a year’s delay that they accept without exception. After they were done with this issue, they have now started to show how the only legal revolutionary party in Europe – other parties with such a name are illegal and banned – will now integrate our country into the EU. It’s a pity they were a bit late with NATO, it would have also been a done deal.
When Siljanovska says “we” will show how one country enters the EU, I do not think she is talks only about herself, but she talks correctly in plural, that she, Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE will take us all to Europe with a Japanese express train. Even if the criteria is reduced to the lowest level that one politician can afford in an election campaign, even if she was a university professor, after such a powerful announcement that if she gets the presidential office, the Prespa Agreement with Greece will be annulled along with the Constitution and some of the laws that were considered suspicious and illegitimate, and now she preaches a quick lesson on European integration is, to put it mildly, insane, a fatal political summersault.
If I didn’t know the circumstances in the country I would say great. All three presidential candidates, Blerim Reka and Stevo Pendarovski and Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova advocate the same thing: NATO and the EU membership, rule of law, democracy, faster development of the country and better quality of life for the citizens. Really nice. How wonderful. The one that will make the citizens believe that will fulfill these promises as soon as possible, this person will be elected in a fair election competition. In such a case, it becomes clear who will be elected president if everyone has the same goal. However, we all know that it is not so.
First of all, a president of the state is not “we”, but the president has a first and last name. The president’s constitutional competences in the negotiations with the EU and the conduct of the Euro-Atlantic processes are insignificant, almost nonexistent. But the possibilities for inflicting damage on the international level are great, and even greater at home. This was shown and still shows in the work of the incumbent President Gjorge Ivanov, whose great supporter is Professor Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova. With his public statements, President Ivanov has repeatedly worsened relations with all neighbors, as well as the EU. And, with the abolition and the canceled abolition of the criminogenic top of VMRO-DPMNE and by prolonging the procedures with the constitution precisely determined for giving the mandate to the parties that secured the majority in parliament, directly affected the tragic events on 27 April, 2017 that radicalized to murder attempts of MPs and the prime minister, and prevention of the constitution of the Assembly, which is a direct attack on the parliamentary social order, equal to a coup and is a major blow to the reputation of the state. That is why there was a powerful call from VMRO-DPMNE to pardon the organizers of this serious criminal act. If such an attempt to rescue criminals and criminal organizations happens again, the outgoing president of the state will then become clear about his role in the events on 27 April and the credibility of the secret preparations for declaring a state of emergency in the country in order to prevent the handover of power after a legitimate and credible election that is a criminal offense equal to taking part in organizing an attack on parliament and a coup.
When Gordana Siljanovska says “we”, she should clearly who are those “we”, that is, those who will speed up the EU accession processes. Are these the same people who have not moved one step forward for 11 years, and Macedonia who they inherited as an EU candidate and made it an eternal student. Adopting European rules meant primarily the rule of law, independent judiciary, parliamentary power sharing, free media, etc. These were the political criteria that along with overcoming the problems with the neighbors signified the beginning of the negotiations with the EU that Brussels repeatedly wrote in all its annual reports persistently. In essence, it was required that Macedonia should achieve what it is today. VMRO-DPMNE never accepted what was sought by the EU, because it would mean control of power, accountability and an end to the plunder of citizens, as well as responsibility and confrontation with justice. And when, after 11 years of excuses with alleged defense of the name and national identity, language and dignity, no decision was taken that would mark the beginning of the last stage of Euro-Atlantic integration, the reasons for capturing the state were realized, and after the pressure of the international community and the public in Macedonia after the explosion of bombs from the wiretapped conversations created preconditions for the overthrowing the regime in a democratic way and when in the face of the difficulties with justice for serious crimes, Siljanovska at a rally promises faster EU entry remains along with the leftovers of the criminal gang.

: I do not know what is written in the constitutional law professor’s theories, but the fact that someone who robbed the country and the citizens, who caused so much evil and damage that will take decades to correct, that “we”, ie, they will introduce the rule of law and will not bring in expressly in the EU is actually a circus show, good sense of humor, if it wasn’t essentially a tragedy. Returning criminals to become guards in the Idrizovo prison, this is what it means when Siljanovska says “we”.
There is one good thing in this tour of getting to know your homeland better. Siljanovska, besides learning a little geography and the names of the country’s populated places, takes over the program of her greatest opponent, Stevo Pendarovski, as her own. Until April 21, the day of first round of elections the views of Pendarovski and Siljanovska on all issues will not differ, except on one. Siljanovska will continue to advocate the rule of law by releasing all of the accused criminals from the top of VMRO-DPMNE with pardons for all participants in the bloodshed on April 27 because, as she says, they were provoked by the illegitimate election of the Parliament Speaker Xhaferi, while Pendarovski will stay on his position that everyone that guilty must get their deserved punishment.
What Gordana Siljanovska does not know is the historical doctrine genetically inherited by VMRO-DPMNE is that if it is felt after the first round that the non-party and nonpartisan candidate and already declared president of the state, the mother of the nation, Gordana Siljanovska will lose the elections, they will be declared irregular immediately, followed by a boycott of the second round and obstruction of the election of the president of the state. It will be the last attempt at Nikola Gruevski’s leftovers to obstruct getting a date in June for the start of accession negotiations with the EU. But whatever they do, they will not stop North Macedonia from reaching Western Europe. Negotiations with the EU with a decision in June, or in September, will begin next year, and they will end in eight to ten years when all the prerequisites are met. Until then, Macedonia will have to complete many things that will make it a decent European state. Will VMRO-DPMNE participate in it, or it will continue to demand the restoration of the Gruevski’s regime, it will depend on whether this political party will make a general overhaul and will get rid of the factory error built into its engine.
P.S. I received the message from Professor Gordana Siljanovska expressed in Strumica that with the Orient Express, the name of my column, one cannot get to Brussels. Without irony, this is something I fully agree with. That’s why it is called the Orient Express. Her commanders held the Orient Express train on a dead-end track for 11 years on its longest journey. And now that the train started moving, Siljanovska is investigating who is the killer of Macedonia. She should ask Agatha Christie, she will say that it is the driver from Budapest and his closest partners, who are walking from town to town with her traveling theater these days. Poor thing, she is so tired that she sometimes doesn’t even know where she is.

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