The Government sets up a team to fight crime and corruption

North Macedonia’s Government has set up an operational team to join the fight against crime and corruption.
Deputy Prime Minister and  Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski was appointed to serve at the helm of the operational team.
“The government at the session reached a decision to set up an operational team so as to, in a coordinated approach, work on uncompromising fight against crime and corruption. Its members will include top officials of the institutions of the executive branch,” reads the government’s statement.
The team will be made up of Justice Minister Renata Deskoska, Deputy Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu, Director of the Public Security Bureau, Sasho Tasevski, Financial Police Director Arafat Muaremi, Customs Administration Director Gjoko Tanasoski, Public Revenue Office Director Sanja Lukarevska, Financial Intelligence Office Director Blazho Trendafilov, Arif Asani, Deputy Head of the Security and Counterintelligence Administration, and Viktor Dimovski, Head of the National Security Agency.

According to the government, the decision demonstrates strong commitment to continuing the fight against crime and corruption as its strategic objective.
“The government is resolute to see justice served and all those being part or complicit in crime and corruption in the past and now are held accountable,” the government said, adding the operational team was fully prepared to cooperate with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the courts.