The bubble burst

Aleksandar Nikoloski

For politics, it won’t be some great news to say that more is promised, than it is accomplished. Somehow it became synonymous with politicians. However, it is not the same whether you will accomplish most of what you promise, or you will not realize most of what you promise. Promises must be established with a great reserve around their realization, when promising should be well calculated, to see not only the budget implications, but also the feasibility of the projects. When they act honestly and realistically in front of the citizens, they appreciate it more. When they act with false promises, then the problem is far greater. Perhaps in the short term they get a few more points, they may even win the elections, but the disappointment that follows is as big as the false hope that has been created. SDSM and Zaev promised a lot before the elections. As we see, they implemented close to nothing. That’s why the disappointment is especially great in people, who sincerely believed in those sweet lies. It is a fact that the SDSM government has neither a human capacity nor a political philosophy to realize what it has promised. Ministers cannot work from 10h to 14h, and directors from 12h to 14h and expect results. Results from cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, spa centers or swimming pools are not achieved. Results are achieved through many hours of office and field work. Election promises are still fresh. So we all remember the promise of a 500-euro average salary, therefore a family with two employees would have 1000 euros of monthly income. The entire campaign of SDSM was set at that famous 500 euro average salary. They promised without any projections, without any plan, without any analysis, were only loud to the speakers before the citizens. They looked citizens in their eyes and shamelessly lied to them.

Thus, they carelessly promised an increase in the basic salary of all health workers by 100%, which would prevent the medical staff from fleeing the country. As a result of this false promise, we are facing the fact that the medical staff sees their future outside of Macedonia, disappointed with the false promise of a 100% increase of salary. Also, the medical staff was promised that the nightshift wages for doctors and nurses at the clinics and hospitals will be higher next year. In order to fulfill this promise, they have passed the deadline that they themselves had published. The deadline for the realization of this promise was March and April.

Citizens await the promised projects, and we are daily witnessing criticism directed at the government. The most disappointed are those who naively entered the so-called revolution, which was obviously a great manipulation in order to attract those who were disappointed of the previous Government, as well as the undecided. Where are the leaders of the colorful revolution today? In the Government and Parliament! Where are the results of the promises they made? The answer is clear – they are none!

The high goals they set must be realized, the program presented by SDSM in the elections and the promises that honey and milk will flow on the streets after coming to power, increased the expectations of the citizens as well. The government does not seem to have a stable course, so they are not in a position to complete the projects that have already been fully funded, let alone fulfil the promised projects. The youth expected the construction of a student city within the student dormitories. Instead of a student city, students saw a several meters-long snake in the student dormitory Stiv Naumov in Skopje, the ceiling in the student dormitory Kuzman collapsed, and with the budget rebalance they halted the reconstruction of the other two blocks in the student dormitory Goce Delchev. Is this how we are going to keep the young people in Macedonia, with false promises? Imagine the disappointment of young people who were tricked and manipulated, who expect a youth guarantee, spectacularly announced during the campaign. The young remember well what they were promised during the elections.

Zaev promised a new 600km highway, they promised a new infrastructure expansion and building expansion. Again, nothing has happened, construction workers are facing possible layoffs. The decline in construction is increasing daily.
From infrastructure projects, the railway line Kicevo-Ohrid-Struga-Border with the Republic of Albania has been promised, but they are not even able to complete the Ohrid-Kicevo motorway, which is 70% completed. Even SDSM’s biggest campaign project – the change of the water network in Aracinovo has not been realized.

The promise for the dial on the Triumphal gate is not fulfilled because the debts are record-breaking since SDSM is in power.
The disappointment of the inhabitants of this the municipality of Debrca was obvious on the protest this weekend. On one of the banners carried by the inhabitants of Debrca, who are fighting to stop the construction of a regional landfill in their municipality, said “Lies have short legs, you demanded our vote”. The disappointment of these citizens, who were promised a healthy environment in the municipality where they want to build a regional landfill, is huge.
The people are wise and remember, and the duty of the politicians is to have an honest attitude towards the citizens, to promise real projects, and, of course, to fulfill those promises.

Great expectations bring even greater disappointment. This government of SDSM is an example of how not to lie to the citizens before the elections, as well as the level of laziness and inactivity, so it does not happen again.

(The author is the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE)