The angry, disappointed and forgotten will elect Gordana as President!

Aleksandar Nikoloski
Vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE

Considering that I write a column for Nezavisen Vesnik/Independent Daily Newspaper every other Wednesday, and that by the first round of the presidential elections I won’t have another column out, I would like to share my opinion regarding the presidential campaign and the candidates. The first thing that comes to mind is the huge difference in quality. On one side we have Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, who leaves a great impression with her quality from all aspects – expertise, devotion, eloquence, a clear vision od what she wants to do and how to do it. On the opposite side we have Stevo Pendarovski, who looks like the only motivation he has is the desire to make up for the defeat in the presidential elections five years ago. He lacks the readiness, dedication and clear vision of his duties as future president.
There is also another difference that I find quite essential. Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova is an idealist, and Stevo Pendarovski is a mediocrity who only adjusts to the imposed conditions. This is the essential difference that will determine this campaign. Namely, Gordana believes in what she says, believes that with the help of justice and a strong rule of law many issues can be solved, corrected and new solutions made. Stevo just adjusts to current conditions. There is an old rule that politics without strong idealism is just managing daily needs. That’s why politics needs strong idealism. A strong idea that will lead you towards achieving what you have promised the voters. Yes, that idealism can sometimes be greater than the opportunities that the position, or the person who received it has, but is the direction towards which the politician strives.
On the other hand, even if someone decides to adjust to daily conditions, it is more a job for the government than for the head of state. The president must be the one who leads, who sets the framework of political discourse, which gives the direction of the society and the political life, someone who manages the country. And therefore there must be a strong idea leading him. Gordana has that idea! An idea of ​​justice for all of us, justice for Macedonia. In that direction, the third candidate Blerim Reka looks much better than Pendarovski, because at least he has an idea where he wants the country to go. He speaks about the republic as a concept to which we should strive. And perhaps this is one of the main reasons why his rating in opinion polls is much better than expected.

These days, as part of the campaign of Professor Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova “Justice for Macedonia”, I travel around Macedonia, I visit villages and towns, meet many people, talk to them, I have my addresses or speeches in which I talk about our idea for Macedonia. What I can sum up as a total impression from all the meetings is that as in any previous campaign I was part of – the citizens are angry! They are very angry! They feel disappointed, abandoned, forgotten. There is no city, smaller or bigger, a village smaller or bigger, in which I have not heard this. They are talking about the huge disappointment of Zaev’s government. They are disappointed with the sellout of national interests, the change of the country’s name, the introduction of unconstitutional bilingualism, but are much more disappointed of the corruption that keeps expanding, from the devastating economy, from the healthcare that is being destroyed and the education that is at its lowest level ever. Many are thinking of leaving, and many have already left Macedonia. This is what everyone tells me wherever I go. They say that everyone gets by any way the can.
Those who have Bulgarian passports, who acquire them not because they want to represent Bulgaria, but only because of the chance to travel and work freely in the European Union, they have long since left, now everyone leaves, both Macedonians and Albanians, as well as Turks, Roma and all others nationalities. Those who have relatives or a friends who are abroad go to them, those who don’t leave on their own. Those you own a work visa leave to work with the help of that work visa, those who don’t leave and work illegally for three months and come back, and then leave again, while many stay with an unregulated stay. It’s one sad picture of desolation and a lost hope. I would be unrealistic if I say that there has been emigration for only three years since SDSM took over – no, emigration had already existed, but what is now visible is that it is in huge numbers. And for the first time there is a second major factor besides the most important – employment and wages.
For the first time, the majority of citizens decide to leave even though they have jobs and good salaries. They leave because they do not see a future in Macedonia. This is the second major factor that appears for the first time these past three years in such a massive number. As they say, they leave for the children, because they do not see a future for them here. They do not see a future primarily because of the poor living conditions that are not related to employment and wages, such as reliability, corruption, inefficiency of public administration, healthcare and education disasters. In a word, they leave because they do not believe that their lives will change. They leave because there is no justice!
This, according to me, is the main reason to vote for Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova in these presidential elections. With all her past work, she showed that she sticks to what she says, and knows how to do it. And, above all, how a President should bring back and restore justice in Macedonia! The return of justice will solve most of the problems due to which many citizens are emigrating from Macedonia. Also Gordana’s victory will mean the fall of this incompetent government that has destroyed everything except Zaev’s and his relatives’ businesses. A new capable government from VMRO-DPMNE with strong professional staff and lectures learned from the past will dedicate itself to work and will have Siljanovska-Davkova as the biggest corrector to bring justice to Macedonia.
Therefore, the choice is easy, but people must come out to vote in large numbers. Only revolt, misery and anger without speaking out on the day of voting by voting for Gordana will not change anything. On the contrary, this devastation will continue, in which everyone leaves except for the Zaev family, who are willing to import other citizens and inhabit Macedonia as Zoran Zaev announced, as long as they are fine. Therefore, mass anger, injustice and disappointment of the vast majority that Zaev and the government had forgotten should be turned into a solution on April 21- and that solution is voting for Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova!

Views expressed in this article are personal views of the author and do not represent the editorial policy of Nezavisen Vesnik