State Department: US supports Macedonia’s accession to EU and NATO

The US State Department has voiced strong support of Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic future, as the European Commission recommended for the country to commence the EU accession talks, MIA reported from Washington on Thursday.

‘We continue to work with the Macedonian government to tackle the myriad challenges facing Macedonia, including the need for reforms in the areas of rule of law and judicial independence, media freedom, and government accountability. The United States remains Macedonia’s friend and partner, and we are committed to supporting its European and Euro-Atlantic future,’ the US State Department says.

It also notifies that the US strongly supports the ongoing United Nations-led talks on the Macedonia name issue and the resolution of this long-standing disagreement.

‘We encourage both countries to demonstrate the flexibility and creativity needed to reach a mutually agreeable solution in the interest of security, economic prosperity, and peace in the region,’ the State Department stated.