Spasovski: There are forces that want to see the referendum fail, but they are minor

Ahead of the referendum, the situation in the country is stable, the institutions are functioning even though there are forces that see a chance, by disrupting security, to meet their own goals of sorts in order to hinder our accession into NATO and the European Union, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski .

However, he adds, these are minor forces that couldn’t be a factor in destabilization.

According to the Minister, the geo-strategic location of Macedonia brings certain risks and challenges, but they can be prevented, amongst other things, with good functioning, data exchange and sharing of experiences with the friendly services Macedonia is cooperating with.

“Believe me, the Republic of Macedonia has many friends willing to help, first and foremost, to maintain stability and to guarantee security – the state’s integrity,” notes Spasovski.

Asked about claims that foreign services are trying to ‘sabotage’ ahead of the referendum and about Russian interference into ‘Macedonian affairs’, Spasovski says Macedonia has a clear position – a national, vital interest to become a NATO and EU member and the country doesn’t intent to interfere in the affairs of other countries, neither those in the region nor abroad. But, we won’t allow anyone to impose their own interests on Macedonia, he stresses.

“Does Russia think Macedonia should join NATO – yes, this is their position. But, our clear position, a national and vital interest for Macedonia is to become a member of NATO and the European Union, Yes, certain political structures, individuals are creating some kind of groups to oppose the integration of Macedonia and NATO and the EU. Yes, there are such structures, there are individuals in Macedonia that believe that they could, motivated by their personal interests, to seize the moment to oppose EU and NATO accession and by doing so to gain political popularity of their own. I think Macedonia is strong enough in its intentions to fulfill its objective – to become a member of NATO and the EU,” says Spasovski.