Spasovski: The security sector reform has been implemented

The Republic of North Macedonia has been working seriously for two years to meet all set criteria. We made efforts to deliver results in key areas of urgent reform priorities in the field of the judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime, intelligence service and public administration reform, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski  today.

He delivered remarks at the second Berlin Process Security Commitments Steering Group meeting, organised by the British Foreign Commonwealth Office.

“Security of intelligence services plays a crucial role in protection of the national security and respect of the rule of law. Their goal is to gather, analyse and convey information necessary for the protection of security, whether it is national, regional or global, and for the protection of human freedoms and rights,” Spasovski said.

“Implementation of security sector reform was one of the key prerequisites for North Macedonia’s EU membership. The first reform we implemented was monitoring the communications by establishing Operational and Technical Agency. Moreover, we adopt the law on the National Security Agency and law on coordination of the security-intelligence community. Throughout this process, the most important thing was for the agency to be based on principles that would enable the establishment of a modern and efficient service,” he noted.

Through a constructive approach, in cooperation with the opposition and following the guidelines of our international partners, we agreed on law, which, on the one hand means a guarantee of human rights and privacy, and on the other hand creates a prerequisite for a strong mechanism for efficient fight against organised crime, terrorism and global threats to the security and safety of all citizens, he added.

“By adopting the law on interception of communications, the law on the Operational-Technical Agency, and law on the National Security Agency, we completed security sector reform, being one of the conditions on our Euro-Atlantic path,” Spasovski said.

Minister Spasovski underlined that our country is a reliable and strategic partner and fulfills its obligations, hoping North Macedonia to receive support from EU member states because it is important for us and the entire region and this region should be in strong partnership with the EU.