Serwer: Macedonia-Greece name deal is a major step forward for the entire Balkans

Political analyst Daniel Serwer believes that agreement that Macedonia signed with Greece is not only a major step forward for both countries, but also for entire Balkans, MIA correspondent from Washington reports.

Serwer told MIA that if the agreement is passed in both parliaments and if passed on a referendum in Macedonia “it will improve stability and make the region more attractive to foreign investors.”

“There are still two important issues related to the war and peace in the Balkans, it is the normalization of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina and efforts to establishment of functional state in Bosnia. You are much closer to the end of the process of establishing peace in the region,” Serwer said.

Daniel Serwer is a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and director of its Conflict Management Program, as well as a Senior Fellow in the Center for Transatlantic Relations and a Scholar at the Middle East Institute. Formerly Vice President of the Centers of Innovation at the United States Institute of Peace, he oversaw the Institute’s work in rule of law, religion and peacemaking, sustainable economies, media and conflict, and science, technology and peace building, as well as security sector governance and gender.