September 30 is the referendum date, referendum to cost EUR 3,5 million

Parliament announced today the date for the holding of the referendum on the name. The referendum will be held on September 30th 2018, while voters will answer the following question: “Do you support the country’s NATO and EU accession by supporting the agreement reached between the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Greece?”

VMRO-DPMNE lawmakers were not present in the voting. They submitted two amendments, but these amendments were not accepted by the majority. The opposition wanted the question addressed to voters to include the agreement on the name, but they did not want this question to include NATO and EU.

The costs for administering the referendum on the name agreement slated for September 30 stand at EUR 3,5 million.

The funds will be secured from the national budget through reallocation among budget beneficiaries and funds, decided the Parliament on Monday.

MPs endorsed the decision over the referendum budget with 64 votes ‘in favor’.