Sending them to get sandwiches

Goran Adamovski

By Monday at the latest, Minister Oliver Spasovski needs to set up a working group to implement the vetting process for employees of the Interior Ministry. It will be attended by up to three representatives of the political parties in Parliament. They will act as observers of the process.
Vetting or the examination process, unfortunately, is conceptualized only for MoI staff. Ali Ahmeti’s party demands vetting for the judges as well, i.e. to start with them. Well, it is a bit ironic if one knows that the DUI members of Mala Rechica have the least reason to complain of the judiciary and the prosecution, when the general impression is that they are most protected.
But it would be nice and extremely useful if vetting was carried out to all public officials in the country, and even to all public administration employees, in order to see who represents the country and lives on budget money raised by the people. Who, how and when has made a fortune, and even expand it by combining their records in terms of education, ability, success, experience, etc.
For instance, we would all be interested in what kind of staff works in the prison police, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. Yesterday’s story of the prisoner escaping from Idrizovo is not to be believed, even if you listen to it a hundred times a day.
Prisoners are transported from the Clinical Center to Idrizovo in an official police van. The official vehicle, as if it were a public bus, stops in the Avtokomanda neighborhood at the fast food joints selling popular “driver’s” burgers. The two police officers go out to eat, and one of the inmates kindly asks them to buy him a sandwich, as well. The police officers, always serving the citizens, accustomed to helping the citizens, also offered the inmate their services. However, the inmate got out of the van during that time. He didn’t wait for the sandwich. By the by, the man is an infamous convict for smuggling migrants, causing violence, causing general danger, and one of his good friends is sentenced to life in prison for killing police officers.
The public would also like to know the psychological potential of the prison police officer, who, while guarding Bojan Jovanovski a.k.a. Boki 13, got the unspeakable urge to grab his genitalia in front of the media crews. One would say “policemen will be policemen”, but didn’t he know that there were video cameras in the courts, and that reporters were accompanied by cameramen?
The reaction of the main people in the prisons that immediately suspended the funny police officers is good, as it demonstrates the capacity, will and readiness to get rid of those who are not worthy of the position they hold. Unfortunately, many police officers and not only them, but also soldiers, intelligence agents, inspectors at other agencies, have problems with their personal files, assets, and the criteria by which they were hired.
It was also seen during the latest selection in the newly established Security Agency where, according to the information, those who had not previously deserved to be part of the Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence, were admitted.
That is why the vetting process must not be confined only to the Ministry of Interior. All corners of the country need thorough sweeping.