Sela and his party demand maximum penalties for the arrested

Yesterday’s arrests of several public officials, MPs and individuals identified in the video materials by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, not only provoked the public, but also the political parties in the country, stated Muhamed Zekiri, SDSM’s Vice President, minutes after the event.

He used social media to send a message to the public that Zoran Zaev is a man of his word and everyone who committed crime must be held accountable.

“The Prime Minister is a man of his word. There will be justice. Every single terrorist will be held accountable for his actions”, wrote Zekiri

SDSM’s coalition partner, DUI, agrees with this statement. Ali Ahmeti’s party called for levelheadedness and let justice run its course. DUI’s MP Artan Grubi said that the rule of law is a precondition for democracy in Macedonia and everyone should respect it equally.

“We have to let the institutions do their jobs, without any prejudice. We need to let the process flow uninterruptedly to bring the truth to light. As for the elimination of mandates, the first person in Parliament, as well as the Committee on Mandate and Immunity Issues, should comment on this. As soon as the Parliament is informed, a session will be convened regarding this situation, “said DUI MP Artan Grubi.

The latest police actions, according to the Alliance of Albanians, are good start for the rule of law. All those involved in the events on April 27 were hooligans, former and current MPs, stated Ziadin Sela’s party, demanding justice.
“All those involved in the events of April 27th, whether former or current MPs, officials or hooligans, should be held accountable for their crimes, and get maximum penalties, because that’s the only way to regain the public’s confidence in the judiciary system.
This action sends a message to everyone that crimes like these should never reoccur, because officials were brutally attacked and their lives risked in the house of democracy, where the leader of the Alliance of Albanians, Ziadin Sela, was heavily injured,“ the party stated.
The opposing party VMRO – DPMNE demanded that the detained members of the party be released immediately. VMRO – DPMNE’s leader Nikola Gruevski said that SDSM is trying to abolish the right to personal opinion.
“We demand an immediate stop to the terror and extermination that SDSM enforces. We demand urgent release of all involved by this classic political prosecution, “Gruevski stated in an official address to the public, announcing that he would join the participants in the protest in front of the Primary Court Skopje 1, where the detention of the officials and public figures continues.
This is the latest threat to the free-thinking Macedonian and citizens who pointed out the separation of the country against the Tirana Platform, and the violence of the authorities. Against anyone who thinks as a Macedonian and takes care of national interests. The state is at stake. This is not justice. Laws and the Constitution are no longer valid, this country is under seige, “Gruevski said.
According to the political analyst Janice Sulimani, justice has finally spoken out. According to him, the capture of the responsible individuals for April 27 is in favor of what the new Government always claimed – that it let the regime of the previous Government be reestablished.
“In order not to make the same mistakes, this so-called reform Government should do the opposite of what the previous one did.

The citizens are finally aware of VMRO – DPMNE’s intentions and goals, and in case Gruevski ‘s party attempts to threaten security of the state, it will not have the citizens’ support. Citizens are already aware, and my opinion is that citizens should come out and protest the terror made on April 27 to ensure that the ones involved are held accountable. This is the only way to regain justice in Macedonia. Law and justice against crime for the well-being of the country, “Sulimani stated for Independent.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that 36 people are prosecuted for criminal offense “terrorist threat to the constitutional order and security”.

Blerim Ismaili