Sekerinska: Defence Ministry to allocate €1 million for the referendum

Ministry of Defence is to allocate approximately MKD 60 million for the campaign of the upcoming referendum on Macedonia-Greece name deal, Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska said Saturday at the ARM open day for the citizens on the occasion of ARM Day – August 18.

“Ministry of Defence is among those institutions that should be most interested in our strategic priority and this ministry will allocate approximately MKD 60 million, which were planned for similar activities, but we consider that it should be better to be utilised by the parliament and not to us individually,” Sekerinska told reporters.

She told that at the next government’s session, which as she said, will be held on Wednesday (Aug. 22) morning, the amount that will be allocated for the campaign of upcoming referendum will be officially determined.

“What is obvious is that the government does not want to be the major player, because the parliament adopted the decision of the referendum and by thus we will show that the government does not have a political or party agenda, but really this issue is focused on the key interest the Republic of Macedonia – not to be an isolated state, to be a state with prospects, to become a NATO member and to start accession negotiations with the EU,” Sekerinska said