SEA releases detailed report on Plan 3-6-9 implementation

The Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA) released early Tuesday the detailed report on the implementation of Plan 3-6-9.

“The period for implementation of Plan 3-6-9 expires on April 17, the day when the European Commission releases the country’s Progress Report. The report is available at the SEA site and can be downloaded at the following link,” says the Secretariat.

It adds that Macedonia has managed to deliver an exceptionally productive reform agenda over the past nine months, proven by the realization of over 90 percent of projected reforms, along with 100 percent of its essence.

“Taking into consideration the successful implementation of Plan 3-6-9, it should be crowned with the best Macedonia progress report on record, including a clear and unconditional recommendation over the opening of EU accession talks,” says the SEA.

According to the Secretariat, the reforms do not end with Plan 3-6-9, but continue with the processes stemming from the six flagship initiatives of the Commission’s Strategy 2025, as well as the suggestions and remarks from the EC Progress Report.

Plan 3-6-9 was adopted in July 2017, aimed at unblocking the reform process and bringing the country back on its Euro-Atlantic path. In was divided in three parts, according to the timelines for the reforms’ implementation. The first part, (section 3) was finalized by the fair, free and credible local elections in November of last year, while the second (section 6) by the release of the EC Western Balkans Enlargement Strategy 2025 in February.