SDSM’s one-year anniversary in office

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti assessed their first year as very successful. Zaev, referring to the reforms, said that they were started, but it would take extra time to complete them successfully. The Prime Minister assessed that more than 90 thousand citizens in Macedonia now receive a higher minimum salary, as for the foreign plan, Macedonia received a clear recommendation from the European Commission due to the great changes and efforts made by the government.

365 days, 365 changes – Prime Minister Zoran Zaev began the report on the work done by the government during its first year in power. Today, Macedonia is a free country where citizens freely express their opinion, and a country that changes every day for the better. The Prime Minister mentioned that the reforms that the European Union has requested from Macedonia have started, but it will take time for them to move to the second phase. Unlike last year, the first year of the new government, according to the Prime Minister, brought economic growth and salary growth, radical and rapid changes for building a state according to European rules, services for every citizen Macedonia as a society, one family for all.

As one of the features of this government, Zaev stressed its openness as a government that hides nothing and supports media freedom.
Regarding the judiciary, Zaev said a thorough reform to restore faith in institutions, legal security and protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens.
As a result of a year’s reign, he said that it was also the professionalization of public administration as a service to the citizens.
Regarding police reform, Zaev stressed that an independent police control mechanism was introduced that restores the faith in the police, and thus the police state that was in the previous regime is now part of the past.

As for educational reforms, Zaev mentioned the Strategy Education, which transforms it into a pressureless education – no external testing, the Cambridge programme has been revised, there will be fewer courses and less classes, and a new law on higher education.
He also stressed the closure of the issue with the redundant workers, after 20 years, by a law that provides for solving the life issue of 5,000 redundant workers.
“What we are proud of is the change for a society for all, where all where everyone is first-class citizens. The policies that encouraged divisions have ended,” Zaev said.

He also referred to the law on the use of languages, which, as he said, not only ensures adequate use of the Macedonian language, but also ensures equitable use of the languages ​​of the remaining communities in the country.

Regarding the policy towards the neighbors, he said that Macedonia finally has excellent relations with all five neighbors, and underlined the agreement with Bulgaria and the current pressures with Greece to resolve the dispute. “We were never closer to a solution, and our friendship has never been closer. Our language and the identity are confirmed, what we need now is leadership, and not just empty talk,” Zaev said and urged citizens to give their support. “Citizens are about to write a new chapter – we need a Fourth Ilinden,” Zaev said.

The Prime Minister emphasized that, on behalf of the citizens, the Government has invested to make changes.

Macedonia, according to the Prime Minister, becomes a European country with quality services, and a country where all citizens are equal. He notes that, with the government’s measures, 90 thousand citizens today receive a higher minimum wage, at least two thousand denars higher, and the average salary is higher by 5.6 percent compared to last year.

For a journalist question about the fence and why it has not been removed yet, Zaev said that the government building is open to all citizens, but security measures must be taken into account.

“The government is completely open, the ministers constantly have contact with the citizens, we are taking the security measures into account. The fences were removed with our coming to power, but I expect a complete removal of the fence around the government building,” he said. Zaev reiterated yesterday that he did not deviate from the intention to remove the fence from the Government.

The first year of SDSM’s ruling, Zaev’s coalition partner Ali Ahmeti assessed it as successful. The head of DUI in an interview with the Kosovo daily “Epoka e Re” explained that Zaev and SDSM have a contract to jointly lead the processes that help Macedonia to make progress, noting that the country made progress in the past period and in no case should that process stop.

“There is always room for better, but it is worth noting that Macedonia has made progress in the past period and it should not stop. With Zaev and SDSM, we have an agreement on all serious topics that help the country progress, together to lead them together,” Ahmeti said.

Zaev: The dial on the Arch of Triumph for counting returned money will be put up soon

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said the government is completely open and they have meetings with all citizens. He says the fence gates were opened immediately. -I am one of those who says that the Government should be completely opened. As for the dial on the Arch of Triumph, I hope that institutions will do their job. Money will be returned with decisions and demands within the institutions, Zaev said. He announced that the dial on the Arch of Triumph, which will count how much money is returned to the state treasury, will be set up very soon.

Blerim Ismaili