SDSM seeks 33% reduction of travel expenses, DUI champions full revocation

The Parliament’s Committee on Labor and Social Policy on Tuesday unanimously passed amendments to the Law on Salaries and Fringe Benefits of Elected and Appointed Officials in Macedonia. The changes foresee a reduction to kilometre allowances by 33% for MPs and office holders.

Speaking at the committee’s session, DUI MP Xhevad Ademi said that ‘as a provocation’ he would seek full revocation of travel allowances for all office holders. According to him, MPs for years have been under attack, being criticized by the media.

“MPs cannot always be treated as the ‘bad guys’, especially when there are anonymous office holders who misuse fringe benefits. I will submit an amendment on full revocation of travel allowances,” he stressed.

MP Jovan Mitreski, chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Labor and Social Policy, said that under the motion, travel expenses of MPs would be cut down from 30% to 20%, i.e. by 33%. He said it would be a short-term solution.

“We remain open to all suggestions in order to find a long-term solution,” said Mitreski.

Elaborating the motion, SDSM MP Pavle Bogoevski called on all parliamentary groups, both ruling and opposition lawmakers, to give their contribution to finding a solution over the reimbursement of travel expenses. He said he believed that kilometre allowances should be reduced because they were ‘too high.’

The motion is due to be debated at a Parliament session scheduled on this coming Monday.