Salary of MKD 72,000 for the head of the “Bilingualism” Agency

A salary of over 70,000 denars has been allocated to the director of the new Agency for the Use of Languages ​​spoken by at least 20 percent of the citizens, whose formation is stipulated in the Law on the Use of Languages.

By supplementing the Decision on determining coefficient of officials elected or appointed by the government, the new director of the Agency is assigned a coefficient of salary “three”, which means that his monthly net income will be about 72 thousand denars, according to the height of the average salary in the country.

The decision the government made on April 1 was published in the “Official Gazette” on April 8th, stating that it will practically be retroactive, so it will apply from February 25, that is, after Ilber Sela was appointed director of the Agency implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages.

-The appointing was carried out in accordance with the legal regulations, and the competition for selection for the Director of the Agency was started and completed before announcing the presidential elections, the Government announced at the time.

The Law on the Use of Languages entered into force in January. With this, apart from Macedonian, the Albanian language becomes the official language in the institutions, which will be applied in the communication, use and application in all citizens’ actions before all state-owned institutions.