Ruskovska’s closing arguments for April 27: The attack was organized by Cavkov under Gruevski’s orders

The violent events in the Macedonian Parliament was organized by the then-director of the Public Security Bureau, Mitko Cavkov, on the order of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, said Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska in her closing arguments, referring to the testimony of the protected witness in this case.

Ruskovska said that from the testimonies of several witnesses in the courtroom, it turned out that the defendant Mitko Cavkov consciously did not undertake any actions to deal with the situation and that nothing that night was accidental.

“Witness C1 said that Jane Cento was constantly communicating with Mitko Cavkov and received orders directly from him, and after the events, along with Ninja, they repeatedly met with Cavkov, to whom they are angry because he was the one who organized them on the orders of Nikola Gruevski, and now has left them hanging out to dry” said Ruskovska.