Ruskovska: I believe the extradition of suspects will be approved

Chief State Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski and prosecutor from the office for organized crime and corruption Vilma Ruskovska said the individuals are suspected of crime ‘terrorist endangerment of the constitutional order and security’.

They said the investigation could enlarge if additional evidence is obtained other than statements by a defendant and a witness.

“Suspect N.G., then party leader, along with two other suspects, S.R. and M.J., called on citizens to stage protests and put into operation the entire party structure, including coordination among local committees for the purpose of larger turnout at the protests and storming of the Parliament,” said Ruskovska.

Asked about Nikola Gruevski’s extradition, she said evidence would be forwarded to the court, which files an extradition motion to the Justice Ministry.

Prosecutor Ruskovska also expects Greek authorities to positively respond to the extradition request for suspect Nikola Boskovski.

“I believe the extradition will be approved. Our initial motion was rejected because of the suspect’s pardoning for that specific case, but that explanation is not valid for this one,” said Ruskovska. Prosecutor Joveski said the case is quite complex, including broad expertise related to telephone records.