Reporters without Borders: Macedonia ranks 109th for the freedom of media

Macedonia ranks 109th in the latest report for the freedom of media issued by Reporters without Borders, going up two places as opposed to last year, when it ranked 111st.

The report says that “the systematic attacks on the freedom of speech were a constant phenomenon during Nikola Gruevski’s term in office”.

According to the report, the “Macedonian Radio Television” public network is still at the service of VMRO-DPMNE, because the heads of the network have not been replaced. Reporters without borders say that it’s still early to assess the new government’s objectives in improving the situation with the media. The report also says that journalists are not well paid and that they have no security in their careers. As far as the countries of the region are concerned, Slovenia ranked 32nd,  Bosnia ranked 62nd, Croatia ranked 68th, Albania ranked 75th, Serbia ranked 76th, Kosovo ranked 78th, etc. /ibna/