Public sector urged to fill in data in HRMIS, risk salary payment ban

Public sector institutions have a three- month deadline to fill in employee data in the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), otherwise risk a ban for salary payments, warned the Ministry of Information Society and Administration and the Public Revenue Office (PRO) on Thursday.

“We recommend public sector employers to fill in data in the register, thus avoiding an error appearing during data checks by the PRO, said director Sanja Lukarevska at a joint press conference with Minister Damjan Mancevski.

A total of 259 out of 1,303 pubic sector institutions have not filled in data.

“A fully updated register will give us a clear picture on the current situation in the public administration, the number of job vacancies, age structure, number of persons nearing retirement, and other data. The ministry’s intention is not to punish institutions, but we must have a register that contains all information and fulfill the purpose for which it was paid,” said Mancevski.

He added that the register, which was established a couple of years ago and cost EUR 2,15 million, does not produce the required information because it was not designed to provide the number of employees.

“This was not a requirement. The issue was a state secret at the time of the system’s design,” stressed Mancevski.

In the coming period, all employees will have access to the register, checking whether their data have been entered, public sector institutions will undergo additional training, while the institutions that have not entered data in the register will be made public at the ministry’s website.