Protesters against name deal trash two establishments, set van on fire

Seventeen people, including ten policemen, were injured during last night’s violent protest in front of Parliament in Skopje.

26 people were arrested after pushing down the protective fence outside the Parliament, throwing rocks and pyrotechnics at the building and at the riot police and after trying to storm the Parliament, the Interior Ministry (MoI) said Monday.

“Around 21:20h, a group of nearly 50 protesters ran to the Macedonia square and stormed two establishments before trashing the inventory and causing panic amongst guests. Also, the protesters threw teargas in one of the establishments. A van close to Holiday Inn hotel was set on fire,” the Ministry said in a press release.

In connection to the arrest of a journalist, it said he resisted arrest after refusing to show his legitimization. The journalist was released once his identity had been confirmed.

The MoI urges journalists and cameramen while reporting events to respect the code of conduct and with their actions not to prevent policemen from doing their duties to protect public order and peace.

The Ministry said it respected the right to peaceful protest, but it would never allow use of force, violent storming and disruption of public order and peace. “The Ministry calls on the public to demonstrate democratic attitude when expressing its views.”

On Sunday evening, people gathered to protests against the agreement for settling the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, which was signed in the Greek border village of Psarades.