Progress expected from Zaev-Tsipras meeting: Tzanakopoulos

 We expect progress towards reaching a mutually acceptable solution, said Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Monday, MIA reports from Athens.

Tzanakopoulos told a regular press briefing that issues related to the name talks and irredentism would be tackled at the meeting between the countries’ prime ministers in Davos on Wednesday.

“Recently there have been statements by both parties, especially from the government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, that change the irredentist elaborations from the past, demonstrating an exceptionally intensive and sincere will to find a mutually acceptable solution. This will be the framework of the meeting with Mr. Zaev in Davos on January 24. We hope for real progress towards finding a solution at this meeting,” said Tzanakopoulos.

Asked if the Greek PM Tsipras would urge for certain specific steps of good will from his Macedonian counterpart, such as changes in the constitution and the issue of irredentism, the spokesman says these topics are in the core of the talks.

“We are discussing a compound name with geographic or time qualifier for all uses (erga omnes). Erga omnes includes the neighboring country itself, whereas the core of the negotiations also involves ruling out any kind of irredentist perspectives,” stressed Tzanakopoulos.