Pro-Bulgarian political party formed in Macedonia

Today another party was formed in Macedonia – Civic-Democratic Union (GDU). Although the event began with the intonation of the Macedonian and the anthem of the European Union, the address of the Bulgarian MP Angel Dzambaski and the appointment of Petar Kolev, President of the Association for Macedonian-Bulgarian Friendship, was the reason for social networks to see the new party as “Bulgarian”. Before the event, it was announced that the party’s executive committee would include the former president of VMRO-NP, Gjorgi Trendafilov.

The promotion of the initiative for the formation of the Civic-Democratic Union took place on December 6 of last year, where the principles, on which the further political action of the GDU will be based, were explained. Kolev announced yesterday that the new party will search for open lists in the elections and will strive for Macedonia’s integration into the Union. After the speculation that Besa was formed with Turkish money and influence, after the apparent connection of Ivan Stojiljkovic’s party to centers in Serbia, after the strange program turning of Janko Bacev’s party to Russia, it seems that time has come for a pro-Bulgarian party, which, unlike others can count on tens of thousands of citizens with Bulgarian citizenship in the country. This, in addition to corruption and crimes over the past ten years or more, should be the last alarm for the government to put the financing and control of the money of political parties in Macedonia on the agenda. (N.V.)