President Ivanov stands against rushed decisions

As Macedonia’s President I’ll keep cooperating with the government and support the vital European reforms that will derive from open public debate and be a subject of broad consensus, Gjorge Ivanov said late Thursday at the New Year and Orthodox Christmas reception he organized for the diplomatic corps in Gevgelija.

The status-quo of Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes brought the reforms to a halt and eroded the political dialogue in the country, which left alone lost many years in political crisis, Ivanov said.

‘To make up for the lost time the necessary reforms are under preparation in a hurry. Due to the lack of time and political will inferior solutions are being offered for the judicial and national security systems. Acting in a hurry, counterproductive decisions are being made that instead to coexistence lead to divisions,’ Ivanov said, notifying that he vetoed the bill on languages.

Referring to the intensified efforts for settling the name dispute with Greece, Ivanov urged for caution and respect of the UN Charter, Resolutions, the Interim Accord and the ruling of the International Court of Justice.

He believes that Macedonia’s accession to NATO and commencing of the EU accession talks will have favorable impact on the unity in the country and the regional stability.

‘This is an opportunity to overcome the divisions and invest all of our energy in implementing the European reforms to build efficient institutions, ensure independent judiciary and rule of law for the benefit of our citizens. This is an obligation of both the ruling and opposition parties, state institutions and citizens,’ Ivanov said.

This year offers opportunity for NATO to correct the injustice done to Macedonia at the 2008 Bucharest Summit and invite the country to join the Alliance.

“We deserve the membership status, not only for implementing the necessary and rather hard reforms, but also for our contribution to regional, global security with the participation in numerous peace missions. As a credible member of the international community we are ready to become the 30th NATO member,’ Ivanov said.

Speaking at the reception on behalf of the diplomatic corps in Macedonia, Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak notified that 2018 is the Year of the Dog under the Chinese Zodiac.

‘This sign is a symbol of loyalty, justice and equality and one that urges people to act responsibly. I guess it is a good message for all, especially for diplomats and politicians, who have a special responsibility for strengthening the international, regional peace by promoting cooperation and understanding among states and nations,’ Shcherbak said.