President Ivanov meets with EC President Juncker

President Gjorge Ivanov held Sunday a meeting with the President of the European Commission (EC), Jean-Claude Juncker, his office said.

Talks focused on the current political situation in the Republic of Macedonia, the EU integration process and the key challenges facing the region and the European Union.

President Ivanov expressed gratitude to Juncker for his support to the European perspective of Macedonia, its top foreign policy priority, and for his commitment to enhancing Europe’s engagement in the Balkans, considered an investment into a stable, strong and united Europe.

“We welcome the preparedness of the European Commission to renew the recommendation based on the criteria fulfilled by us,” noted Ivanov saying that the unblocking of the integration processes would positively affect the reform processes and the overall social and political state of play in Macedonia.

The President underscored the importance of fair and unbiased approach involving Macedonia as regards the opening of accession talks for full-fledged membership to the EU.

In this respect, President Ivanov welcomed the Western Balkans Strategy saying the document, which noted what was being expected from candidate countries to join the Union, had once again upheld the European future of the region.

With regard to good neighborly relations, Ivanov reaffirmed Macedonia’s efforts to improve relations with all neighbors and to boost regional cooperation creating a stable, safe and prosperous region. In the context, the President said that statements by certain political leaders in the region had a destabilizing effect and didn’t contribute to the building of good neighborly relations in the region and were deemed ‘not European’, stated the press release.