President Ivanov in Turkey: Balkan states need political, security and economic linking

Macedonia’s head of state Gjorge Ivanov, while addressing Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul said that political, security, economic, transport and digital linking is necessary among the states so that the companies be more competitive on the global market, states be more successful in creating conditions for prosperity of the young people and regions be more attractive for foreign direct investments.
Referring to the challenges that economies face today, Ivanov underlined the outflow of professional staff and outdated way in which companies are operating.
“As states we succeeded to close the Balkan migrant corridor for illegal migrants. But, we failed to prevent the migration of our young people. It seems that illegal migrants and our youth have one thing in common and that is their destination – the most developed European centres. There they can realize their business ideas and achieve their life goals. Our region is emptying. All those having talent, education and skills are leaving and create real values. The price is paid both by the state and the companies,” said Ivanov.
Ivanov said that political and security connection is necessary aimed at surpassing the regional fragmentation, and for the Balkans it is membership in the EU and NATO.
“The European Union was the most successful peace project which mobilized states and societies from the Balkans. We voluntary change due to EU’s transforming power. However, EU enlargement fatigue has created waiting fatigue in our country and instead of dealing with reforms, we started to be occupied with ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary the European Union to launch membership negotiations with the Republic of Macedonia as soon as possible,” Ivanov highlighted.
The goal of the Bosphorus Summit, being held under the auspices of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is to provide platform for dialogue and to encourage economic cooperation between the countries.