Sonja Stojadinovic

When Ljubisa Preletacevic-Beli appeared in the presidential election in Serbia in 2017 as an independent candidate, the public at first thought that his name was real. But if you look at his surname more closely, which is a combination of the form of a Serbian surname along with the basic characteristic of Balkan politicians (Prelet – Flight), the real meaning is obtained. The majority of politicians from the Balkans are Preletacevic, people who seasonally, and in line with their exclusively personal interests fly from one political flock to another. Macedonian political public has a lot of similar politicians to offer, and the measure unit for those is Amdi Bajram, who changed his flock for who knows how many times. However, the point is not to talk or write about these flying politicians, but those from the lower echelons who succeed as chameleons, retaining the high position, to survive the change of any power.

One of the conditions for membership in the European Union, which we have been waiting for since 2005, is resolving the imposed name dispute. Several months ago, the government of SDSM decided to keep Vasko Naumovski as chief negotiator, who has been installed in government by VMRO-DPMNE. A person who is credited with the personnel destruction of the Secretariat for European Affairs, an institution that is the main engine of European integration of Macedonia. The question is how the Secretariat can perform its function at the highest level when there are no people who are credited with the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union. We must not forget how much the public laughed at the oro-dances that circulated in the Macedonian embassy in Washington while he was the ambassador there.

I doubt that SDSM has no quality staff for a solid minister of health, so the angry public had to be satisfied with Venko Filipce. Even when his name circulated the media, they published an image of him proudly standing next to Nikola Todorov, the death minister, when Filipce acted as his adviser. This decision directly spits in the face of students and professors who have come out solidly and proudly on the streets to defend the university, while Filipce was signed as supporter of counter-plenums. Is his appointment as a minister in order to keep the system of poisoning citizens with counterfeit medication? If a list of fake drugs that have been directly led to the death of patients is published, who will be held responsible? Twenty years ago, a network of pharmaceutical companies in the United States invented diseases to sell medicines more to citizens, but we are a special case. We invented a system of importing counterfeit medication to kill even more of our citizens. From a business perspective, an effective, but short-term investment. With emigration and dying, they will soon run out of a nation to sell fatal fake drugs to.

There is quality staff for key positions, but the question is whether SDSM wants and intends to place it in the appropriate posts. The retention of the staff which DPMNE installed is an insult to every citizen who voted for the Coalition for Life. Staff can also be searched outside the party ranks, we are not a country of a billion inhabitants that we wouldn’t know who is capable of what. On the contrary, we are very familiar with each other with and it is easy to find individuals of quality, you just need to want to find them. It is unnecessary to justify some decisions for low quality staff in high places with pressure from the party and the loud disapproval of some who think they deserve positions, but they have no quality. By setting up people of quality, the ones that disapprove will be quickly silenced. It is unacceptable for SDSM to fall under the pressure of those who have ambition but have no ammunition. Or does SDSM want to fall under this pressure?

With the selection of poor quality personnel in the next parliamentary elections, whether regular or extraordinary, there is a great chance for SDSM to lose from DPMNE. And with the schism that exists now in their ranks, when it comes to the interests of the party and the return of power, they quickly consolidate and organize themselves as an army. Let’s not forget the fact that both as a party and as individuals, they are enormously rich.

“Preletacevic” solutions are fast and easy, because they are obedient as staff, but are immeasurably harmful and unstable for the system and citizens. The only quality is the continuous change of party jerseys of DA, SDSM, GROM and various other parties in accordance with the given situation, while the capable staff remains on the sidelines or leaves the country. The years of protests were not to stay in the armchairs, but to get real change. Thus, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing, the people are increasingly evicted, in the end, politicians will have no one to govern with. Serbian brothers have a saying: “Get your minds back!” which means “Wise up!”