PPO: Pendarovski should have called the MPs to pass the Prosecution Law

North Macedonia’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has released a written response to President Stevo Pendarovski’s address on Monday.

“It’s not the right time to attack institutions,” the Prosecution wrote, adding that it wouldn’t allow for politicians to meddle into legal proceedings or discredit its prosecutors.

“The President’s statement that he fully supports the Prosecution and that he’ll use any constitutional and legal powers he has to protect it from pressures would have been genuine if he had urged Members of Parliament to pass the Law on the Public Prosecution and if he had voiced support for strengthening the capacities of the Prosecutor’s Office towards a more efficient fight against crime,” the PPO’s release reads.

The Prosecution is assuring the public that anyone involved in any wrongdoing “will be interrogated and held accountable under the law.”

The PPO also reiterates that political pressure and meddling into its work is harmful to the investigation and collecting of evidence.