PM Zaev: True patriots are those who are securing the future of the Macedonian citizens

We are moving towards NATO and EU, we are solving disputes, we are strengthening our identity. The Government is continuing the talks with Greece, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at Wednesday’s press conference observing one year since its formation.

“We have never been closer to a solution and the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples has never been bigger. The Macedonian language has been confirmed, our identity has been confirmed. This issue is not easy, but Macedonia needs leadership in order to move forward, not empty words,” said PM Zaev flanked by the cabinet ministers.

According to him, a referendum over the name is to be held, at which citizens will have a final say.

“True patriots are those who are securing the future of the Macedonian citizens following the settlement of the name dispute. Macedonia joins NATO and we are solving a 25-year-long dispute that has dragged down the country,” added Zaev.

He said the Government has been committed to changes on behalf of the citizens, and the past year has been a year of changes, while Macedonia is built as a country of all citizens.

“We have made Macedonia an open and stable country, a land of opportunities that rests on five pillars – economic growth, reforms, institutions that serve citizens, one society for all, and EU and NATO integration,” said Zaev.

He stressed that 90,000 citizens are taking increased minimum salaries as a result of the Government’s measures, while the average salary in the country has increased by 5.6 percent compared to last year.