PM Zaev hints on personnel refreshment this spring

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says there will be personnel changes in institutions this spring due to remarks over lack of energetic reaction that clearly demonstrates zero tolerance to irresponsible and corrupt behavior.

Zaev says in an interview for web portal Prizma that the Government could also undergo reshuffling.

“Lack of success in managing an institution should not have a reflection on the institution itself. Personnel changes will follow. I do not want anyone to lose the given chance. There are many people who want to prove themselves but do not know how to do this. The new generations are coming and probably learning in parallel. There are ones who are capable and make an effort. However, there are others who are neither capable nor put an effort,” says Zaev.

The institutional refreshment is expected this spring, ten months after the Government’s formation.

“We do not have much time, people want results. Directors of institutions could change, but also ministers, state secretaries…” adds the PM.