PM Tsipras: We clearly stated that we are negotiating on Nimetz’s four proposals

The government clearly stated that it was negotiating with Skopje on the basis of the four names, proposed by the UN, namely the package of suggestion tabled by mediator Matthew Nimetz, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Wednesday in response to the criticism of the opposition ‘New Democracy’ leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the name ‘Republic of Ilinden Macedonia’.

Tsipras notified that his government had clearly and timely presented its position on this name.

“Even before returning from Sofia, I’ve said that that despite the progress we still have to do a lot in order to have an agreement, and that ensuring the principle erga omnes (name for overall usage) and constitutional revision is our priority, and as you know significant progress was made to that effect, something that has not been done during the name talks with previous governments. Mr (Zoran) Zaev is the first Prime Minister of the neighboring country to accept the compound, erga omnes name and constitutional revision,’ Tsipras said.