Parliament to vote on new cabinet today

 MPs are set to vote Wednesday on the government reshuffle motion containing the names of new ministers, as part of the Parliament’s 103rd session.

The MPs are to vote on new ministers including Trajan Dimkovski  for agriculture, Naser Nuredini for environment, Hysni Ismaili for culture, Goran Milevski for local self-government, Sadula Duraki  for political system and relations between the communities, as well as PM Zoran Zaev himself for finance, replacing Dragan Tevdovski for a certain period of time while also serving as prime minister.

The head of the government in North Macedonia Zoran Zaev has reshuffled his cabinet and parliament is expected to vote for these changes tomorrow. Zaev has changed six ministers, while assuming the role of finance minister too.

However, these changes have triggered debates.

“Everyone expected to see ministers and officials with the poorest results to leave, but this didn’t happen. No minister or official who was targeted before was removed”, said political analyst, Saso Klekovski.

According to him, Zaev’s government needs to undergo a deep reform.

Political analyst, Naser Ziberi says that these changes will not yield any results because there’s not a lot of time remaining until this government completes its term in office.

According to him, it’s wrong for PM Zaev to hold both the post of the prime minister and that of the minister of finance.

Some political analysts say that Zaev did not remove any Democratic Union for Integration minister, despite their poor results.