Parliament to discuss the laws that President Ivanov refused to sign

The laws that North Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov refused to sign due to their incorporation of the new name of the country will again be discussed by MPs on Wednesday.

These include the laws against discrimination, the Operational Technical Agency and electronic communications. After the laws are passed again, they are set to be published in the Official Gazette.

SDSM and DUI have accused Ivanov of blocking the laws’ enactment, reforms and national interests, working against the interests of the state and its citizens in the last days of his mandate.

The President’s Office responded that no one is preventing the Parliament from repeating “the precedent and publishing the promulgation of the laws in the Official Gazette without the President’s signature”.

President Ivanov has failed to sign laws passed after January 11, when the Parliament adopted the constitutional revision for the country’s new name Republic of North Macedonia.