Parliament to decide on Wednesday on the laws that Ivanov refused to sign

Parliament on Wednesday will decide on part of the laws that President Gjorge Ivanov returned without his signature, stating that he has sworn to defend the interests of the Republic of North Macedonia. There are 27 laws on the 94th session so far, most of which have been vetoed by the head of state, so now they should be provided with 61 votes.

Among the items on the agenda are the ratification of an agreement between Macedonia and Romania on cooperation in the field of culture and education, changes in the Law on OTA, amendments to the Law on Service in the ARM, the Law on Energy, etc.

Ivanov returned three reform laws in the field of justice, which were adopted by a two-thirds majority, but Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi announced that they would be considered adopted and there will be no re-vote in Parliament.