Parliament adopts new Law on Public Procurement

With 57 votes ‘in favor’, none ‘against ‘or ‘abstained’, the Parliament adopted the new Law on Public Procurement. The law will take effect starting April. According to the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the new Law on Public Procurement is in line with the EU legislation and will ensure rational spending of state money, free and fair competition and transparency in public procurement.

– Most importantly, the economically most favorable bid is introduced as the only criterion for awarding contracts. Applying this criterion can include three different approaches: only the price, the cost or the best price-quality ratio. Regardless of which approach is used, an economic element should always be included when evaluating bids. With the introduction of the most economically advantageous tender as a criterion for awarding contracts, besides complying with the directives from 2014, several negative effects from the previous use of the criterion of lowest price are eliminated. We are witnessing that poor quality or repair costs cost the country much more, said Minister Dragan Tevdovski at yesterday’s session while explaining the Law.