Overhaul of Corridor X toll collection stations

Veles, 11 January 2018 – The Ministry of Transport and Communications has issued the required permits for modernization of toll collection stations at Corridor X, including the e-tolls project worth EUR 18,72 million.

“The Romanovce station near Kumanovo is in the final stage of reconstruction. Works are also ongoing at stations near Sopot, Veles, Gradsko and Petrovec”, said Minister Goran Sugareski on Thursday.

According to him, the toll collection stations would be enlarged by several lanes in order to avoid bottlenecks during the summer season, accompanied by the introduction of the e-tolls system.

The entire investment is worth EUR 18,72 million, of which EUR 2,86 million from the national budget, while 15,86 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

State Roads public enterprise director Zoran Kitanov said the project was launched three years ago, but the building permits have been delayed for a couple of years for unknown reasons.

“We secured these permits in less than two months and launched the construction works, which are due to be completed in eight months. Our objective is to finish the Corridor X toll collection stations by the year-end”, added Kitanov.