Osmani: We need all the support in a dense reform agenda

 We need all the support at disposal in this dense reform agenda, said Vice Premier for European Affairs Bujar Osmani at the donor meeting held at the Government on Tuesday, attended by ambassadors and representatives of international organizations, the donor community.

The meeting aimed at reaching agreement and understanding over the donors’ contribution in the creation, implementation and monitoring of sector policies and the country’s European agenda, the Secretariat for European Affairs said in a press release.

Vice Premier Osmani thanked the donor community for its commitment in supporting Macedonia’s political, democratic and economic development.

“In times of swift change we need all the support at disposal. That is why we do not differential small from big donors, they are all important during this ambitions Government agenda,” said Osmani.

He referred to the new potentials in line with the recommendations contained in the European Commission Enlargement Strategy by 2025, i.e. benefits for Macedonia during the pre-accession period.

Osmani voiced belief that the administration would be prepared for the increased funds allocated in the fields of health, education, infrastructure, digital agenda, business support etc, and would adapt the absorption capacity accordingly.

The donor meetings represent a forum where national institutions can present their priorities and their requirements for donations. On the other hand, donors can promote their programs and strategies towards achieving specific and mutually beneficial results.