Osmani: Swiss experiences to help Macedonia efficiently implement law on languages

Deputy PM in charge of European affairs Bujar Osmani met Tuesday with the Deputy State Secretary of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Krystyna Marty Lang.

Talks focused on bilateral cooperation between the countries, ongoing financial support from Switzerland, one of the first and longstanding donors contributing to the development and progress of the Republic of Macedonia, the Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA) said in a press release.

“Switzerland is one the most important countries – friends of Macedonia, which has been providing financial support since 1992, while its political support dates most probably way back,” Osmani said at the meeting conveying gratitude, his personal gratitude and the government’s, for the sincere and continual support.

In addition to the support, Osmani noted, Switzerland is an inspiration for the Republic of Macedonia, politically and socially, being a positive example for a functioning multicultural society. He added that Swiss experiences in organizing a multilingual society would significantly help Macedonia more efficiently implement the new law on the use of languages.

Furthermore, the Deputy PM shared the impressions of the government from the new Western Balkans Strategy of the European Commission.

“We’ve secured a precise acknowledgement of the progress made to integrate into the European Union, which is a significant incentive to maintain the country’s focus on the European and Euro-Atlantic perspective,” stated Osmani.

The Strategy, he added, is considered one of the key documents that has enhanced the European orientation of the Western Balkan region, which is expected to be literally cemented at historic enlargement summit in Sofia this coming May,” stated the press release.