Opposition in Albania warns for bigger protests

Opposition in Albania has warned for bigger protests today after the central electoral body in the country has decided to replace opposition MPs who decided to resign two weeks ago as part of a unanimous decision taken by several opposition parties. This decision aimed at pressuring the current socialist led government to resign, form an interim government and announce early general elections.

According to the leader of the Democratic Party, which is also the main opposition party in the country, Lulzim Basha, the decision to replace these MPs with other ones will not be recognized by the opposition. Basha said that the opposition’s protests will be bigger, while announcing that a file containing incriminating evidence against the current ruling party will be made public.

Meanwhile, the opposition in the country is expected to hold a big protest tomorrow in front of the parliament’s building at the same time parliament is expected to hold a session. Last week’s protest saw violent clashes between riot police and protesters, while MPs managed to be escorted out through secret exits.