One of the April 27 defendants dies in the car accident in Dracevo

Yesterday, citizens of Skopje paid their last respects to their fellow citizens who died in a terrible car accident that happened Tuesday before midnight, near Drachevo. Closest family members mourned the deceased, five families covered in black, children were left without their parents. The question of what happened during those fatal moments, when the car in which they were travelling crossed to the opposite side of the road and hit a truck filled with waste, remains unanswered.
A small part of the public knows that the Renault driver, Jovance Lazarevski – Siljo (43), participated in the violent incidents in Parliament on April 27th, two years ago. At the time, the police detained him under suspicion that during that fatal evening in Parliament he left an improvised explosive device made out of a gas barrel connected to a firecracker. Police and the Prosecutor’s Office charged him with causing general danger and illicit manufacturing and possession of weapons or explosive materials, for which he was detained.
“The suspect stormed in the Parliament at about 19 o’clock with the crowd, and around 20.40, along with approximately 20 people, he went to the first floor of the Parliament, and later entered two offices that were connected by himself. There, he placed an improvised explosive device, consisting of a firecracker and a compressed gas bottle, glued with duct tape, as well as another piece of firecracker, and then left,” the prosecutor’s office said.
Lazarevski spent nearly a year in detention in the Shutka prison, from May 25, 2017 to May 14, 2018. He was sentenced to 4 years and 9 months for the crime, the Criminal Court confirmed for Nezavisen Vesnik/Independent daily newspaper.
“The sentence was subsequently abolished by the Appellate Court and the case was returned to retrial,” explained the Criminal Court in Skopje.
Lazarevski was a member of the “Tvrdokorni” association, whose supporters announced the sad news.
“We are informing all our brothers that our brother, a defender of the Constitution, Jovance Lazarevski-Siljo, has died in a car accident. May he rest in peace,” wrote his fellow members of “Tvrdokorni” on social media.
According to police information, the tragic car accident occurred on Tuesday at around 11:40 pm on the Boris Trajkovski Boulevard in a direct clash of a Mercedes truck, driven by a 44-year-old citizen and a Renault 5 car, carrying five victims. Aside from Lazarevski, Ilir Ajvazovski (40), Anica Trajkovska (53), Elena Trpevska (37) and retired policeman Spase N., who was difficult to identify, lost their lives.
“Passengers in the Renault died on the spot, while the driver of the truck was held for treatment at the City General Hospital,” informed the Interior Ministry.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office informed that the Renault vehicle for unknown reasons crossed to the opposite side of the road and directly collided with a truck for transporting waste.
“The competent Public Prosecutor issued an order for autopsy of the deceased, and a traffic and technical expertise will be performed to determine the causes of the accident,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.