Observance of the Karpalak attack

The 18th anniversary from the fatal attack in the Karpalak area that resulted in the death of ten military reservists from Prilep was marked at the site on Thursday.

Flowers were laid in memory of the victims and a commemoration ceremony was held at the “Karpalak” memorial in downtown Prilep to honor them.

On August 8 in 2001, an army convoy made up of five vehicles and 120 reservists was ambushed near Karpalak. Army reservists Nane Naumoski, Sasho Kitanovski, Branko Sekuloski, Goran Minovski, Marko Despotovski, Erdogan Shabanovski, Ljube Grujoski, Darko Veljanovski, Pece Sekuloski and Vebi Rushitovski were killed in the attack.