No serious violations of referendum voting

No serious violations of the voting process in Sunday’s referendum have been registered so far apart from an incident that took place in a school yard in Skopje involving an attack on three police officers by a man in his mid 20s, said public prosecutor Xhelal Bajrami, head of the commission on monitoring possible referendum irregularities.
Police in Skopje is expected to file criminal charges against the suspect for attacking a law enforcement official after completing a detailed report, he told reporters.
According to Bajrami, the incident didn’t affect the voting process at the polling station. “Other irregularities on the territory under the jurisdiction of the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office haven’t been registered,” he said.
Some dozen complaints have been sent so far via the e-mail According to the Commission, the complains do not contain any grounds for criminal charges to be filed.
“The Commission is charged with monitoring all events related to the process of referendum voting,” Bajrami stated adding that the public prosecutor’s offices and the Interior Ministry were coordinating their activities all the time.