Nikos Pappas: Name deal launches ‘new era’

The Prespa name agreement is very important and positive both for Greece and for FYROM. Once it is finalized, we can implement in practice some very good and positive ideas for cooperation between the two countries in terms of new technologies, says Nikos Pappas, Greek Minister of Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications.

According to him, connectivity and digital policy are the areas that can guide the two countries toward the future.

“There are huge opportunities for joint development and the two sides are determined to seize these opportunities,” Pappas says speaking to MIA’s correspondent in Athens.

He said it was still too early to talk about some concrete projects. Greece, Pappas says, is focused on digital policy and we are more than happy to share experiences with our neighbors, with FYROM.

The Greek Minister noted that ‘unfortunately’ the name issue had hindered efforts for better cooperation between the two countries. “But, now we begin a new era,” Pappas said.