New Year’s Eve relatively calm in Skopje, doctors say

The New Year’s Eve in Skopje was relatively calm, say doctors of the capital’s hospitals.

Twenty-seven intoxicated patients were admitted overnight – the youngest a 16 year and the oldest 48 year-old, Toxicology Clinic Director Niko Bekarovski told reporters on Monday.

‘We are pleased to say that after a long period we saw no narcotic overdose patients,’ Bekarovski said.

University clinic for surgical diseases St. Naum Ohridski admitted 65 patients, five of them have been hospitalized  and four underwent a surgery. However none of them was treated for an injury during the Christmas Eve, Clinic Director Ivan Spirovski said.

Ninety-six people sought medical help at the Skopje City General Hospital ‘8 September‘, which as doctor Jasmin Ciriviri said was a regular number for a holiday season.

‘Four of them were mildly intoxicated and several injured in fights,’ Ciriviri said