Neither Trump nor Putin are wanted as leaders of Macedonia, Gallup poll reveals

Macedonians prefer Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to be the leader of Macedonia, but a convincing majority said they won’t chose either of them to lead the country, show results of the Gallup International’s 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey.

Asked to pick between Putin and Trump as leaders of Macedonia, 29% of the respondents said they wanted the Russian President to be the leader whereas the US President was picked by 18%. However, 46% said they preferred neither Putin nor Trump to lead Macedonia.

Of the countries in the region, Russian President Putin is viewed as favorable the most in Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Croatia and Albania. US President Trump is most favorable in Albania and Kosovo.

Globally, Vladimir Putin is viewed as most favorable by 29% of the respondents, while for 17% Donald Trump is the most favorable global; leader.

The Gallup International poll, conducted in December, covers close to 54,000 respondents globally. In Macedonia, 1,210 people were interviewed for the poll.