Naumovski: Nimitz’s proposals far from dignified solution

UN mediator Matthew Nimetz’s proposals, presented at today’s round of negotiations in New York, are far from dignified solution, Macedonia’s representative in the name talks Vasko Naumovski told Sitel TV.

The UN Security Council Resolution 817 sets the frame of the talks, namely ironing the differences over the name, Naumovski said, pointing out that no country is entitled to rename another one, which also refers to the UN.

‘The name of our country is the Republic of Macedonia and this name is the core of our identity. In the 21st century nobody can demy the existence of the Macedonian nation and language. Today the mediator presented some ideas I believe exceed the (UN Resolution) framework and are far from dignified,’ Naumovski said, notifying that the ideas will be nonetheless presented to the country’s leadership.