Multanowski: EU and NATO should seize name settlement opportunity

We believe there’s place in the EU for the Western Balkan countries and the process shouldn’t be stopped. We appreciate your hard work and we are also trying to promote this idea. Now, the trend in the EU is to advocate for stability, economic development and improvement of living standards, Poland’s Ambassador to Macedonia Jacek Multanowski says Sunday in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

Asked to which extent an increasing Russian influence in the Balkans pushes the EU and US to become more interested in efforts made to close the name issue between Macedonia and Greece, Multanowski says Russia has been orchestrating a very aggressive policy towards the West and its attempts in order to change the world order without considering its international duties.

“At the same time, I would like to say that Poland, as a EU and NATO member, wants to have pragmatic relations with Russia all the while abiding by international law. What’s happening now considering the relations between Macedonia and Greece, it is immensely important how they will develop with respect to future stability of the country and of the region. The opportunity being opened now to solve the name issue is important and the EU and NATO should seize it,” notes the Ambassador.

Asked whether NATO membership is a guarantee for elimination of security threats, Multanowski says the answer is very simple. “We count on NATO, Poland is a member of NATO that singles out 2% of the GDP for the defense budget. NATO forces remain in Poland and we consider NATO a guarantee of our stability and security. In this context I want to underline the importance of the United States as a vital member of the family,” says Ambassador Multanowski.