MPs to discuss supplemented draft-budget

The Parliament is set to discuss the supplemented 2018 draft-budget at a plenary session on Friday.

The opposition has said it would not take part in the debate.

The text incorporates a portion of the amendments that were accepted during the committee debate in Parliament, resulting in increase of funds for gasification, kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, culture institutions, Health Insurance Fund and the Environmental Inspectorate.

Total budget revenues are projected at MKD 193,5 billion (EUR 3,15 billion) and expenditures at MKD 211,7 billion (EUR 3,44 billion). The budget deficit stands at 2.7 percent of the GDP, while inflation is projected at 1.7 percent. There are no major tax changes, except for increase of the oil excise tax by MKD 3 (EUR 0.05).